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About Us

We are producers of Aica Led Lights™ that are efficient and use up to 70% less electricity than regular lamps. Our LED led Lights feature the highest quality LEDs, emitting the same amount of brightness as conventional series fluorescent lights, but at a substantially reduced cost. These provide a great source of general illumination, suitable for use in offices,factories,supermarkets, Banks trains,store displays, billboards,warehouse illumination, underground tunnels and other areas where light is needed. As a source of such pure light and high color rendering index, our Led Lights represent the latest advancement in environmental lighting technology. AICA Light-a-Home Use Aica Led Light-a-Home and find out how much you can save in your home. Easily compare the light bulbs you are currently using with our Aica Led Light energy savers. Aica Led Lights is a product of Dreampower Ricciardi SRL owned company with its Head Quarters in Italy.We are producers and Distributors of Aica Led Lights throughout the world. We manufacture and distribute the following products: We have undertaken various projects of installing our products world wide and clients are very satisfied with our long lasting LED lights.


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